About us ...

The Austrian Soil Science Society (OEBG) was founded in spring 1954 upon initiative of professors of the “Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur” (Agricultural University), Vienna and senior executives of the Federal Institutes for Agricultural Chemistry.

The aim of the Society is defined in §2 of its Rules: „The Society, which is a non-profit organisation, aims at furthering all branches of soil science in Austria.“

The Austrian Soil Science Society is a registered scientific society, whose members are mainly physical persons, but also institutions, who strive to extend their knowledge of soil science besides their professional activities.

Its members, therefore, are mainly persons who work for various Austrian institutions concerned with soil, e.g. soil assessment, soil mapping, universities, agricultural and silvicultural experimental stations, research institutes, industrial companies, agricultural and silvicultural consultants and agricultural unions.

The activities of the Society comprise

  • the organisation of an annual conference, including excursion
  • the organisation of symposia and workshops
  • the publication of a bulletin (“Mitteilungen der OEBG”)

    The OEBG has been contracted by government agencies, ministries etc. to work out guidelines for soil scientific enquiries in Austria, in recognition of the Society’s competence as a scientific forum. The OEBG is a nationwide organisation, which is not dependent on a person or group of persons, and is therefore in a position to thoroughly consider and integrate diverse opinions.

    The OEBG also provides information about the current state of soil scientific research in Austria and abroad. Due to well-established contacts with soil scientists and soil science societies in many countries, the OEBG is able to provide its members with information about the most recent developments in the field of soil science. This not only contributes to a broadening of the current soil scientific knowledge, but also provides the opportunity for government officials to procure advanced, cross-departmental training. The Society also co-operates in the organisation of cross-national excursions and meetings.